P1090619Picasso Special is one of Melbourne’s most popular cover bands. Our music is an eclectic mix of popular ballads like Hallelujah and Throw your arms around me, a touch of disco such as Blame it on the Boogie and I will Survive, a hint of R&B like Respect and Think, and a truck load of solid rock including Sweet Home Alabama and What I like about you.

The band is well known for it’s infectious dance beats as well as it’s re-working of timeless classics like Say a little prayerBrown Eyed Girl  and Stuck in the Middle.

  • On lead vocal and guitar – Dean Allen-Craig – he can play almost any song you ask – the human juke box!
  • Also on lead vocal – Lucy Graham – she mixes soaring Soprano with gravelly soul and plays a mean tambourine and cowbell.
  • On Keyboards and vocals – Rob Vague – a lover of the classic Hammond sound – he also belts out powerful vocals and can really cook on the piano. Refuses to play Dancing Queen ever again.
  • On percussion – one of Melbourne’s most experienced and respected drummers – John Schmidli. Just don’t ask him to play any more swing!
  • On Bass Guitar – Anthony Mead – such a cool cat  – he’s the only member of the band never to hit a wrong note – or so he tells us!
  • And on sax, flute and  vocals – the incomparable Adam Watson – the master of improv! Founding member of the Adam Watson experience.
  • We welcome your feedback and song requests. Use our Contact Us page to tell us how much you love us.